Blazin’ Hot Southern Inferno Beef Jerky 🔥
Blazin Hot Southern Inferno

Blazin’ Hot Southern Inferno Beef Jerky 🔥

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Because of the EXTREME flavors, this is only sold in a .5 ounce bag.


Do NOT rub your eyes while eating. If the jerky or seasoning comes in contact with your eyes, rinse with water immediately. 

Are you ready to take the Blazin' Hot Southern Inferno Challenge? This half-ounce bag of jerky is hotter than July in the South and jampacked with habanero, ghost pepper, Trinidad scorpion, and Carolina reaper pepper.  

Grab some friends and create a challenge to see who can finish one piece of this blazin' hot jerky. Don't forget to have a glass of milk or some orange juice on standby because your mouth is guaranteed to be ON FIRE 🔥 

Check out our FAQ if you have any further questions.

  • One Bag
  • NET WT  .5 oz
  • Made in the USA
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ships to the U.S. only

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